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Key Features

We know how to make it smart and powerful.
Connect every devices via MQTT protocol, collect and use your data.
Leverage the NODE-RED wiring tools without install, update and maintenance.
Download every package you want for Cloud or On-Premise integration.
All traffic from your device to our platform are encrypted.
Built for maker, scalable for your business
Based on the most used and fast runtime on the market

Advanced is Simple

Smart things did not come easy. At least we know how to make it FAST.

Graphic UI

Drag and Drop your component and built your solutions without write code.

Easy algorithms

Interact with all web Services and elaborate this data with your own algorithms.


You can move to another subscription plan anytime you want!
Perfect for the enthusiasts

  • 1 Device Included
  • 24h*7 / month
  • up to 250Mb instance
  • Additional Devices up to 20
  • 30 days free trial
Perfect for mid level IoT professionals

  • 5 Devices Included
  • 24h*7 / month
  • up to 500Mb Instance
  • Additional Devices up to 50
Perfect for the enterprizes

  • 25 Devices Included
  • 24h*7 / month
  • Up to 1Gb Instance
  • Unlimited Additional Devices

How It Works

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